Using custom product points: points from product

The new Virtuemart Reward Points extensions handles custom product points.

You can specify an amount of points each virtuemart product! You can decide to use them to override the order amount to points calculation, or to use them as bonuses and add their amount at the end of order amount to point calculation. Or you can decide to use ...just product points!

We decided to use the virtuemart "custom fields" to set the custom points. In this way you can use CSVI extension to import/export the Virtuemart database to excel, and manage customs points as a normal virtuemart field, from there! Very simple, developed both for customers than vendors


1 Select the reward points algorithm

First, select the algorithm you want to use (or leave the default for a quick start).

You can - also - exclude the order-amout-to-points calculation or the custom product points functionality.

The algorithm is the procedure that extension uses to handle customs product points and order-amount-to-points.

It can exclude custom product points from the order-amount calculation and add them at the end, or include all products in the order-amount-to-points calculation and add custom product points as bonuses.


2 Configuring custom product field in Virtuemart 2

In Virtuemart 2, go to "custom fields" in the product menu. Here you should find the new "Special Points" custom field. You can edit it, setting both label than description!

You can also enable "cart-attribute" if you want to sell reward points, or permit to your customers to add a money-optional-amount to buy more points bonus with your product.

Then, to assign points to a product, go to any product edit page -> Custom Fields. You should find "Special Points" (or the name you give to this custom field) in the "Custom Field Type" list. 

Set the points amount in the "Value" field

Leave "Price" to 0 (to assign the points with the product) or set a price to let customers to buy points* (*remember to set the custom field as "cart-attribute" in the custom field page).


Configuring custom product field in Virtuemart 1.1.x

In Virtuemart 1.1.x, you set the name of the attribute that you will use in the virtuemart product in our Reward Points Plugin.

Go to Joomla Plugin manager, find Virtuemart reward points plugin, and edit settings. Scroll until "advanced settings" and select both the algorithm than the "Attribute Title" (or an intere phrase) that you will use on product edit page. It must be exact the same (case sensitive).

You can use whatever you want. Example: special points, or product loyalties, or points with this product, and so on...


Now, go to any Virtuemart product edit page, choose "product state" tab, and add a new attribute. Specify the attribute title with the exact name (or phrase) you choose in the reward points plugin.

Set the points amount in the "Property" field.

Leave "Price" to 0 (to assign the points with the product) or set a price to let customers to buy points. You can also add other property and other prices for other points-amount!