Virtuemart credit points extension installation (j2.5/vm2.x)

how to install, setup and quickly test the extension


1 it needs the virtuemart reward points extension

It is needed. The latest version, only available (up to now!) for j2.5/vm2. Much part of the code for handling our fantastic credit points system is written in the Reward Points Extension. So it is needed. Credit points are compatible with AlphaUserPoints - and, when used AUP, with jomSocial points.

2 Install the virtuemart credit points extension

To install or upgrade the extension go in Joomla extension manager, choose it and install. It will install everything. from the new administration section to the virtuemart payment plugin and the new "credit points" custom field in virtuemart.

3 publish the plugin!

Once installed, you must go in the joomla plugin manager and publish the new VM credit points plugin. Being a plugin, it's not auto-published!

4 create the credit payment method in Virtuemart (and the others!)

Remember to build other payment methods, in order to purchase credit points! So, paypal,, neteller, etc! Whatever you like more. 

Go to the Virtuemart payment methods, and create a new method.


Choose a name for the method - like "Credit Points", and choose "VM - Payment, Credit Points" from the Payment method popup. Apply (or save and re-open) to see the configuration for the plugin. You can also specify the order status for successful transactions (you can use the same on the reward points extension, so the order will be scanned for reward points!)  and for cancelled orders. You can choose Countries where to limit the payment method, minimum order, maximum order, fee per transaction and tax!



You should obtain something like that (I created Paypal and just for example, more the Credit Points)



5 setup the configuration in Virtuemart Reward Points config

Once installed, if you go to VirtueMart Reward Points -> Config, you will display a new section on the config page. This section handles the credit points setup.


Hide not-credit payment when purchasing regular products
You can hide the "not-credit" payment methods when purchasing regular product. In this way, a regular product of your shop can be purchased only with credits.

Hide credit points payment when purchasing credits
You can hide the "credit points" payment methods when purchasing credits.

Validity for credit points from purchasing
Days of validity for credit points. They are stored in the Virtuemart Reward Points extension (or in AUP, if installed) *this is valid only for credit purchased, not earned with reward points or aup / jomSocial

Exclude reward points when paying with points
This will exclude earning new points when paying with points. You can even keep bonus. Note that here, the promotional periods bonus not work if the previous setting is "Exclude". This becuase promotional periods and birthday periods are based on product points / order amount only, so they must be included for promotional period to work.

Exclude earning reward points when purchasing credits
You can exclude earning new points when purchasing points (and pay with credit cards, paypal, etc). You can even keep bonuses, no limits in this way.

Email setting for earning activities
This email will be sent when buying and earning new credit points from a Credit Points purchasing. You can simply specify witch joomla content to send (one each language, if you send the same content, you must specify it in each "content to email" popup). The title of the content will became the subject of the email. In both title than body of content, you can use now variables. These are:

{username} = The username of the customer

{name} = Name of the customer

{order} = The Virtuemart order reference

{points} = Total points earned from the order (including bonuses)

{newtotal} = New total user points of the customer.

important note! when installed alphaUserPoints, both Virtuemart Credit Points extension than AUP will send email! So you can decide what to use, simply leaving blank the credit points email field or turning off the AUP-email from the Vm Credit Points rules in alphaUserPoints (you can leave the emails for the other rules on)

6 build the credit points system


Just go in virtuemart product list, create a new product and use the "Credit Points" from the custom product field! Set the "value" with the number of credit points to buy for each units of product. Don't specify a price for credits. Their price is the product master price! You can put this product in a separate category, and link it from the master menu of your website, called for example "Buy Credits!". 

You can also customize the "Credit Points" label for the custom product field going in the "Custom fields" from the virtuemart menu, edit and write what you like more.



You can even publish special credit packs - example, stocks of 10 credits each. And you can also use the reward points extension rules to give bonus points over a specific order-amount quantity.

When purchasing credits, the extension will hide the "pay with credits" options from the available payment methods in the cart, as in the example.


Then - when purchasing regular products - the extension will hide not-credit points payment methods and display only the "Credit" pay with points, an in the example.



And, in this case, because your are purchasing a regular product, you can also pay with credit points:

7 experiment the Virtuemart Currencies

If you don't want to use the "regular currency" of your web-store (in the case you would inform your customers of the "excange ratio" of a credit, in a specific page, as in iStockPhoto) you can create a "Credit" currencies, to display your product. This custom currencies will work everywhere in virtuemart, so we suggest to use a mixed symbol, as $/pts or again: €/pts and so on, to indicate that your currencies and points have the same value.

You can even setup a new currency, to display your regular product. You can call it whatever you want, as "Credit Points" or "Credit Dollars" etc, and set a ratio - based on the virtuemart currencies ratios bank, as displeyed at

You can manage the currencies from the Virtuemart configuration->currencies



Now you can create your own custom currency. Choose the name you want, and the exchange rate. You can copy this format, and assign your region code in the "Numeric Code", you can find it here:



And then, you should choose the new currency as your master shop currency, from the Shop->shop->Currency (remember, because there are so many currencies, maybe the new currency is hidden in the list, just click inside the box of the currencies list and it will show, or use the "search" from the popup menu.




Author notes and warranty

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