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Rewards Points Virtuemart 3.x

Reward points Virtuemart 3.x extension (Joomla 3.x) Customers earn points from orders, points from products and loyalty from bonuses and change points to coupons to put in the cart with a simple click. Super customizable, hundred of reward programs possible with the many options available.
joomla shop, virtuemart, rewards points, alpha user pointsvirtuemart alpha rewards points for joomla

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Reward Points Virtuemart 3 extension to enable points system for Customers in Joomla 3.x.

Points from order, from money amount or from product custom points, points from bonuses, special periods, new registrations and many more. The great promotion system for Virtuemart in your Joomla shop.

And it support plugins, as the Credit Points 3 (optional) that lets you to build a full credit system as Fotolia or iStockPhoto, just using Virtuemart 3!

for Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3.x

Enable points in your joomla shop 3.x with your loved virtuemart 3.x. Customers earn points from order amount and/or from product custom pointsbonuses (as for order quantity, frequency, purchases during birthday date or in 4 promotional periods with option of custom daily exclusion). One of the coolest extension to have loyalty in Virtuemart, great promotional system for an e.commerce.

See the notes for upgrading from Virtuemart Reward Points vm2.x at bottom page

The new money mode: it does not show piggy and points: it shows money. And with the auto-cart option, it discount the cart from when user logs in until he logs out.

Up to 4 ways to use points.

  • Normal, the customers earn points, change points to coupons and use coupons in the cart (by clicking on the cart icon on coupons shown in the main module). They can eventually reconvert coupons to points.
  • Coupons instead of points, when customers earn points they are auto-converted to coupons. Customers can still have more than one coupons, and you can decide when to hide the "reconvert to points" option on the main module. When it's enabled, when you give custom points to customers in the points user administrator page, you give coupons, ready to use in the cart, instead of points.
  • Money Mode, the system shows the money balance of the piggy bank instead of points, so they have only one "big" coupon, with incremental value when they earn new points, and they can only decide to use it (picture 2)
  • Money Mode with Auto Cart option, as the money mode but the coupon is always automatically enabled in the cart the very first time the customers log-in to buy: your customers do nothing special, they just see that ....your store is the best on the planet!

New: customers change points to coupons, more intuitive to use than "chips", in the older version.

Coupons are well known by customers, easier to understand and use than the older version of chips.

picture 1 (basic operation of the extension)

virtuemart reward points operations

picture 2 (money mode and auto-cart option)

points to coupons or money mode

The extensions 3 consists in a great suite of component, modules and plugins for joomla 3 and Virtuemart 3.

1) the main joomla and virtuemart component, it enables a "points to coupon" page from the joomla menu selection, where you can publish also a regular joomla content to make your customers to learn rules and terms of your virtuemart loyalty program

2) the main module, where you show points or money balance and coupons, and let your customers to put them in the cart or - optional - reconvert coupons to points, and even change points to coupons, as in the main component page

3) the points prediction module, very useful in the product pages and in the cart. It predicts product points based on your rules, and, if the cart is not empty, it predicts the whole points of the cart! It can also show a transaction receipt with detailed list of bonuses, rules, etc.

4) the main plugin, that enables the earning / restoring points for customers when a payment (or you) change the status of order to "confirmed" or "shipped" (or any else). You can specify which one for earning and which for restoring points in case of orders refunded.

5) the new user plugin, that enables the points on new registration bonus for your new customers.

6) finally, in the back-end, the users and points administrator, where you can check your customers points, give them custom points, delete their activities, and the configuration page where to setup your reward points rules, bonuses, etc.


Learn more about in the Reward Points for Virtuemart 3 manual


Example of main component page, with the reward points module published on.

virtuemart loyalty in joomla shop

Example of the points and users administration

user points administration


Example of the main points module

points from order amount in virtuemart

Coupons are shown and managed in the main module - so you can place it in any page you need including the cart.

The main module can do all operations on points and coupon without the needing of setup the component page, if you like it more.

The module has two layout:

Horizontal (as in the "mini module" on the top of this website) - very easy and used just to show points (or money if in money mode) or credits, if used with the credit points plugin

Vertical (as in the picture) - where it can show coupons, points, activities, operations, and even the points-to-coupons option.


Example of the points prediction module published on the product page

product points prediction and cart total pointsA great customers experience is possible with the redesigned points prediction module

It involves all bonuses and raffles as birthday periods and special periods. You can now configure the loyalty system using more bonuses and raffles to promote to purchase in your webstore, in combination with the classic "order price amout to points" or "product custom points" mode.

When published in the product pages, it shows also how many points customers are going to earn buying that product!


Emails easy to setup, for both earning and creating coupons. Your customers will be 100% involved! 

When customers earn new points or change points to coupon (or you give them new points or coupons by the user points administration) they will receive the right email. In HTML or plain text. Multi-language! You have just to create a regular joomla content and choose it from the administration, one for each language you use.

Example of emails, to the left the earning points email, to the right the new coupon creation

email on earning pointsemail on changing points to coupons


Very important notes for upgrading from Virtuemart 2.x version

Because the JED asked us to change the filename of the main component (from vmalpharewardpoints to rewardpointsvm) upgrading from older version is not automatic, but easy anyway.


Learn more about in the Reward Points for Virtuemart 3 manual


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