We upgraded the Virtuemart Reward Points for vm2.x to a new graphic, code improvement and a new module.

The new extension uses an adaptive piggy-bank icon for loggin, points managing, earning activities and creating chips. A new function - that you can turn on/off as in the module setting - let the customer to re-convert chips to points, in case they want to delete a chip to create a new one with higher value. Try it registering and changing your points! The new module has also a new way to insert chip in the cart, better than before. It was needed by the latest virtuemart version (vm > 2.11) and it lets the module to hilite the chip used in the cart, and eventually remove it.

New graphic for chips, coupons and piggies and icons, and many improvement in the code to make it faster and secure.

We integrated many little bugs to make the extension even more compatible within a thousand systems! 

And a new points to chips page! With new graphics for chips and coupon. With the adaptive piggy icon on the toolbar.