The new Points Prediction Module included in the Virtuemart Reward Points extension for vm2.


The points prediction function predicts to the customers the points the are going to earn. And because it calculate both "sure points" then "raffle points" and bonuses for orders, it really leads them to buy.

A new shopping experience is possible with the new points prediction module for reward points virtuemart 2, because it involves raffles and bonuses. You can now configure the reward points program using much more bonuses and raffles "random" points to promote to purchase in your webstore.

We are working closely to build a new shopping experience by promoting the system, not only "having" the system.

So the first developed is the Point Prediction Module for virtuemart 2. It predicts the point that a customer will earn for sure - and! the points maximum he can earn by the bonuses published in the configuration.

Try this! We have changed the configuration of the reward points in this website to enable raffles, bonus on orders, and so on.

You can show/hide quite everything, finally promote your bonuses. The difference is great! Not only points for order/products, but even for order quantity, for shop order number, promotional periods, birthday time, first order, and so on.

In next future we will even introduce the "product prediction" for the product details page, and a new amazing animating points messaging for the user!

And because it's separated from the other reward points module, you can choose to enable it alone in all pages of your website. 

You can choose to show/hide the "empty cart" message, the maximum points option, the prediction receips with or without the prediction of the raffle points in receips. It's fully configurable!