new virtuemart reward points extension

Virtuemart Reward Points extension new  2.8 version, for j2.5/vm2.x

Wellcome to the new Virtuemart Reward Points Extension (for j2.5/vm2.x) - 2.8 version.
A great step forward! We included many new features that comes from Customers requests. 

Great features and a really new way to use the reward point program.

While developing we realize that the combination of the new features of the "auto-chip" make available to use your joomla-shop with virtuemart and reward points without the piggy bank. Each point can now be auto converted to a new chip and the system can now combine automatically all chips into one big chips, incremental. Use only the module (included in the suite) your customers won't need anything else! They simply will see a big big chips, that increments whenever they do some activity. No points, just a big chip, always visible in the module. No possibility to convert to points: just a big, simple, clear chip! That change colours as your setting, when increments.

New features for admins with no-time to follow users points situations.

• New COOL! option to exclude products from earning new points by setting 'custom points' to zero, ...very simple!
• New option to auto-exclude discounted products from earning new points.
• New security check to not earn points twice when using Google-checkout payment method on some country and some virtuemart version.

New features for customers to use their points 

• points to cash on module, with 2 different behaviours if used inside or out the regular points to cash page. You can use it everywhere, no more need of a "points-to-chips" page - even if you can use both (as in our website) because the page can contain a content to show your reward points rules and promotions to your customers.
• a nice sliding animation on module field to save space on the columns - as for the new sliding auto-hiding fields for showing activities. Redesigned to save up to 60px in width.

New great new "Auto-chips" and "Just-One-Big-Chip" options

• New auto-creation chip option when earning points from new orders!
• O
ption to convert all old chips and available points in just one... unique-great-big chip

Override the "piggy bank" and points metaphor and work just with a chip!.

Now you can earn points automatically on a big-incremental-chips, and simple use it in the cart, by clicking on it! When enabled this method, the piggy bank header will disappear on the module, and all system is based on the single chips that increments when you earn new points, automatically.

It is simply fantastic: as having 2 way to approach to customers! Try it if you purchase, it's amazing simply and clear for customers.

It's ...more incredible than what we expected! It's easy! We didn't realize how it's cool this simple configuration. For those who do not want too much interactions for lazy customers, the "just-one-big-chip" is perfect! They simply see their points into a chip, and clicking they use!

IMPORTANT! if you are upgrading (not a new purchase), save configuration, at least once, if you want to use the new features!

New option fields in the configuration page comes empty for those who are upgrading and not install for the first time. So, simply, just remember to enter configuration, find the new option (if you want to use, it's not really needed!) set and save at least once!