New points to cash on module! So you can use it everywhere!

Yes, it's a function that you asked us a long ago. But we needed something to use as option, integrate, and obviously, something that can fill all situation. Here it is, the points to cash on module.

Create a new chip direct on module, following the rules set in the configuration!

Never as easy for customers. When you decide to use the reward points extension in "regular" mode (without the new "auto-chips mode" enabled) you customers can use their points wherever they want, because the new function is integrated in the module (not only - as before - in a dedicate page) so you can publish it even outiside the regular page.

Points to cash page is still always available, obviously ;-)

The dedicate page to change points is always available, because it can handle a regular joomla content inside it, to show to your customers the ruels of your reward points program and your promotion.

When used out of the points-to-cash page, it will create a new chip and display a little coupon in the module, when used in the page, it simply activate the regular function, that returns the big-coupon filled with desired values.

To make a little usable, we wrapped the points-to-cash on module into a sliding auto-hiding div container. So simply go with the mouse over it, and it opens. We add this feature (optional in the module configuration) even to the positive and negative activities shown below the module!

Login (or register and earn new points!) and see it in action in the point-to-cash page, or in the cart.