A new simple way to use the reward points: the easier one.

Your customer earn new points that are immediately converted to a new chip, following your conversion rules. All new points earned will delete old chips and add their values with the new activity in a new chip, fresh, with new expiring date.

Customers will always see... just one big chip, incremental, ready to use in the cart.

No piggy headers, no reconvert-to-piggy-points option, they disappear on the module. Just one, big chip!

You have just to enable the "auto-chips" options. And it works even when you delete activities from the backend: the user chip is momentary reconverted to points, points are deleted, and new points situation is re-converted to the one big chip. So, the points balance is always perfect....

It's the easier way to use a reward points program on a website! And it's cool.


...and customers continue to see... just one big chip, incremental, ready to use in the cart.

This is one of the most cool feature develop this year!

To enable the "One Big Chip" mode

Go in the Virtuemart Reward Points configuration page, scroll down until find the "purple" section "Chip settings".

Enable the "Auto Chip - "Just One Big Chip" option (the second), and that's all!