This time we solve a problem of Virtuemart 2.026d - it is not related to the virtuemart reward points. We noticed some "missing value" error message in the cart when you are not still registered in Virtuemart, but you are registered in joomla (or you are using a social login to your website).

This happens because the Virtuemart had introduced some modification in the models. I asked the team to review this function, because it's not good for e.commerce!
A customer reads the error, but it really doesn't understand why.

This problem is not present in Virtuemart < 2.026d.

If you experience that issues as me, this is the solution.

To turn off the "missing value" error reports, open administration/components/com_virtuemart/models/user.php - locate the function validateUserData and go to the end, and comment the line in bold as this:

if($i==$required) $return = -1;
   vmdebug('my i '.$i.' my data size '.$required,$return,$data);
      VmConfig::loadJLang('com_virtuemart_shoppers', true);
      foreach($missingFields as $fieldname){
      // vmInfo(JText::sprintf('COM_VIRTUEMART_MISSING_VALUE_FOR_FIELD',$fieldname) );

Hope to be usefull to anyone. Thanks, Marco.