Hi Friends. Just another little help from the team. Virtuemart 2.026d has a big problem on the standard Paypal paymenth module: the IPN doesn't work when the website does not use the main paypal "merchant" email.

It was a big problem, because without a working IPN, customers didn't earn new points or new credit points. We worked hard to find the solution, just to discover that the problem was in Virtuemart.

Solution for "Paypal IPN doesn't work" on Virtuemart 2.026d

Let's open the plugins/vmpayment/paypal/paypal/helpers/paypal.php

At about line 668, replace this

if (strcasecmp($paypal_data['receiver_email'],$this->merchant_email)!=0 ) {


if (strcasecmp($paypal_data['business'],$this->merchant_email)!=0 ) {

All problems related to IPN (as earning new points or credit points) will be solved! It was not an our bug!