We upgraded the credit points plugin for Virtuemart Reward Points 2. It works better in switching the order status to "confirmed" automatically when paying a new order. It loads the Virtuemart model in different way and it can resolve an issue with the latest virtuemart versions.

Free upgrade if still purchased!

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New Moneybookers payment available on the website - both for credit cards than for bank transfert.

Many users asked us to implement new payment methods on the website to purchase the reward and credit extension. So, we will study better this methods to give suggestions for IPN, etc. We hope Virtuemart Reward Points extension will be able now in more areas in the world than before!

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We upgraded the Virtuemart Reward Points Extension (for vm2) with a new option, to let administrators to receive email exactly how customers receive them.

Emails are separated for earning activities (included bonuses), chips (coupon) creation and credit points purchasing. This new option will let administrator to debug their html emails and, when work fine, turn off the function to not receive them. We are working now on a internal messaging…

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How to show custom or credit points in a popup list?

We added a new page in the documentation section. One customer needed to publish custom product points in a popup list instead of the default radio button. We think it can be very useful for everyone - when you wish to have just one product for buying points (or credits). Just follow the instructions. Maybe we will integrate this as new option in the configuration, in order to do everything…

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Hi all Customers!

Today was a great develop time day. One gentle customer of ours experienced an issue during installation of the new reward points extension vm2. He let us to debug on a mirror of his server, and - after two hours of collaboration (this user is really a gentleman!) we found out. We tested the reward points with the 3500 users we had in db. But what's happen during a 26.000 users import during installation, the first time the…

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Dear Customers!

I decided to plan the roadmap, in order to combine your requested to ours. This is the best we can do in a short time. Remember, each request must be useful for everybody. We are forced to remember that we work with the extensions for all joomla/virtuemart users, not just really for any case.

From now, support will be limited only for users that experience issues that refers to the extension features. No more extended support to…

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How if you could be mix percentual and fixed values chips? One customer of ours has an interesting need, we are planning to make this available. We are looking for a recursive rule to make this useful for all users. This will need modification in the component and in the module, so it can take a bit, but the new function could be fantastic! We are thinking to two options, buy a percentual chip with some points, or buy a permanent percentual chip.…

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We have updated the Virtuemart Reward Points for vm2 with a new bonus, the "Points on new user registration". It was done for two reason:

1) users without alphaUserPoints
2) for all users, aup included, who want to use our email manager on rewarding new points.

So - if you set it from the reward points config, it will use the email setup in the same configuration - that - in the new extension - is so easy to setup and use. Note that - it' aup…

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The new Virtuemart Credit Points Extension for Virtuemart Reward Points vm2.x is ready!

It needs the Virtuemart Reward Points Extension (VRP) - the new one (and it's only for vm2). So, upgrade the VRP or purchase it before install the Credit Points.

You can now build a professional credit points system as iStockPhoto or Fotolia. Buy points with regular Virtuemart Payment Methods, using the regular cart and friendly Virtuemart procedure. And once…

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The new Virtuemart Reward Points Extension for Virtuemart vm2.x is here! A plenty of new features, we need times to show you all. It is installed on this website, with just a few options enabled, so you can touch with hands, using the website. In some days, we'll enabled many of the new features! We publish before making the right communication pages because we know something of you needs the new featured, as birthday promotion and calendar…

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