We were listed in the Joomla Extension Drectory. If you want you can review the extension, to help us to improve it! All customers will receive free upgrades as ever, we have so many ideas to realize for giving the best rewards points system for an e.commerce... but we need you and your review! Thanks all you boy, you're GREAT!

See the extension here: Joomla Extension Virtuemart rewards points extension

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The new extension upgrade lets you choose a minimum quantity of money order for earning points, and a maximum quantity of points to earn from order, even if order is over. You can also set a minimum and a maximum quantity of points to change in money, and points multiplied! Now the extension is a really complete virtuemart rewards points program! Customers can upgrade freely!

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Now you can use our Virtuemart 2 extension with Awo Coupon! In addiction, on both internal or awo usage, the coupon returning a point-to-money changing reports his Value with coupon information and code.

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Hi Customers.

We are proud to publish the upgraded Virtuemart Rewards Points for Vm 1.1.x. It extends support to awo coupon, which enables "expiring dates" for your coupons (Virtuemart 1.1.x hasn't this functionality). The new version is able to work both with Virtuemart coupons than with Awo coupon.

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